Tuscan “OLIO NOVO” on the way to you!

Between the red leaves of October and the first chills of November you can tell Winter is about to arrive, but you can find some comfort with the upcoming “OLIO NOVO”!

Raccolta delle olive

It is now olive harvest time in Tuscany and in few weeks olive oil lovers (which includes most everyone in Italy) will be able to get that first taste of the freshly pressed oil.

In Tuscany, harvesters begin picking olives around mid October and work well into the month of November, and olive mills, or frantoi, are open around the clock to get all of the olives pressed in a timely fashion.


After last year tragic “fly illness” of the Olive trees, which gave a zero oil season as a result, you can see splendid olives on our trees, and we can’t wait to try that fresh, green, peppery, fruity, spicy taste that only Tuscan new oil can give…yummy on toasted bread with garlic!!!

olio novo bruschetta2

A liter of oil direct from the producer should cost between 7 and 9 euros, while shops will sell a liter for about 10 euros. Experts warn consumers to watch out for offers that sound too good to be true. There are many tricks of the trade, and it is wise to always check the provenance of the oil before purchase, as well as its colour, smell, and taste, if possible.

For those who can’t get enough of new oil, there are several festivals and fairs celebrating what is one of the most important food crops from this region, but we suggest to drive around our stunning Chianti region, enjoy the changing colors and stop by at any azienda agricola to try and buy!

Acquapietra is so lucky to be very close to Azienda Agricola LE CORTI, where you can follow every step of the production, discover their amazing frantoio and try the green gold for 14 euro!

olio corti

Hurry up, we wait for you with our special winter rates, starting with 84 euro per night!



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