the physical sensation of Summer

After a whole year of urban landscapes, grey skies, noisy roads, dirty window-panes, traffic jam, bills, frozen food & cheap wine, dusty air and angry folks,


trust us, and just drive slowly down to the end of this wild bumpy road, enjoy the pebbles, enjoy the stones, let your eyes explore the yellowish skyline, and look ad the bottom of the valley, on your left, at that fairytale house.

You’ll see it’s an old house made in stones, surrounded by little quiet cypresses, young fruit trees with some happy little animals, there on the terrace, called “aia”in the past , you can finally let yourself go.

Feel the warm wind on your skin, hear the sound of cicadas piercing the silence, see the bright mid-day light sourrounding short, vertical shadows, smell the dry and rich soil, and just let yourself be conquered by that lazy lazy feeling…

Can you hear the voice of hammocks calling you, from the shade of the cypress?

This is the physical sensation of a Tuscan Summer,
and it gently recalls sweet and unforgettable childhood memories.


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