Work in Progress

Sharing with you the adventures of Carlo & Alice while refurbishing the house….

Our unique patio

Outdoors is the best countryside dimension and we wanted to create a special space that nobody would forget. We have a marvellous “aia” (terrace) with a luxuriant wisteria but the gazebo looked a bit old and rotten,   so we started tearing it down,  and thinking about an original structure to be made with recycled construction

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Relax testing…

End of June, almost July…in the Chianti valleys and hills the sun gets really hot, the crickets keep on singing, the yellowish light makes the green grapevines shine even more…i can’t think of anything more pleasant and appealing than a well deserved nap amongts our cypresses, on my beloved good old mexican hammock!   Yes

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from a burner to a kitchen

In the beginning it was a camping burner. Actually, at lunch our amazing Master mason used to prepare a stunning and flavored barbecue for us, with sausage or chicken or hare perfectly grilled for us…refreshed by tomato and onions salad, for a happy digestion! Ee used to enjoy this simple and tasty food all together

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So here we are…finally we got a site, finally we got a blog, and we can share the steps of our story with those who will be curious! first thing we should probably tell you si why we are called ACQUAPIETRA. “Acqua” means water and it is probably the most important element for life. Well our

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