There is no BUONGIORNO without a MOKA Coffee!

Traveling means learning, and while traveling to Italy the main thing your should probably learn about is the MOKA coffee POT. Every morning the best things I can think of when I open my eyes, is the perfum of Coffee spread by my Moka pot. You can find at least one in any household, most

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Tuscan “OLIO NOVO” on the way to you!

Between the red leaves of October and the first chills of November you can tell Winter is about to arrive, but you can find some comfort with the upcoming “OLIO NOVO”! It is now olive harvest time in Tuscany and in few weeks olive oil lovers (which includes most everyone in Italy) will be able to get

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Amazing pictures of Acquapietra…with love by Jo-Anna Rohmann.

After all the work is done (most of it!) we needed to bring it to the world, and nothing like photography can tell sensations from a long distance just like no-one like a good friend could spot what most represents us. So here we are, in just 2 weeks Jo Anna Rohmann created an amazing

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