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Tuscany my love!

Sun in the sky, hayballs in the fields, the shade of centenary cypress trees, grapes slowly getting ripe on the vines, a welcoming farmhouse, the soundtrack of crickets singing... what else do we need to be happy?   TuscanyRead More

Welcome Tommaso * May 28th 2019*

⭐"Three things remain with us from paradise: stars, flowers and children."⭐ Dante. Our crazy Acquapietra family ♥ has a new member, Tommaso, so now we have 6 hearts beating under this Tuscan sun!Read More

Acquapietra Breakfast cakes…

  CAKE I know now That we must protect what we love I know now That we can’t let opinions in Because if you love cake And someone else doesn’t You wouldn’t stop eating the cake Because they didn’t like it Would you?   This is how we wish our guests an exciting and happy

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*Tuscan Wine Cellars open days * May 30th – June 2nd *

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that  the Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement)  has organised for the above mentioned weekend, a national event with the aim of increasing the visits to wine producing areas and the meeting with its producers. The Movimento Turismo del Vino and the associate wine cellars, promote

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Eeaster holidays at Acquapietra. ..

Thanks to all the lovely guests who spent their Easter holidays with us, it was a pleasure to work while you were around.                 We are so happy to see our place is attracting such good people, appreciating the beauty of this valley and the simplicity of our

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Sunny Winter Sunday!

Not much to say…when you are so lucky you can enjoy such a bright and clear sky on a quiet Winter Sunday, you just want to share it with the rest of the world! Acquapietra stones shine in this incredibly warm light… …and the wiser thing to do, is a sincere toast to Life and

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