…the stars & the moon shine equally on each on of us!

Yesterday Acquapietra hosted a good representative of our beautiful world, we had 2 Koreans, 2 French, 2 Dutch, 2 Spanish and 2 Germans. All of them have been cooking their dinner in our Communal Kitchen, merrily sharing spaces and tools, Later they were eating all together on the terrace, each couple on their cosy table with

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Eeaster holidays at Acquapietra. ..

Thanks to all the lovely guests who spent their Easter holidays with us, it was a pleasure to work while you were around.                 We are so happy to see our place is attracting such good people, appreciating the beauty of this valley and the simplicity of our

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Great Help from irish friends!

Time is flying and works never seem to reach an end, so we looked for some “unusual help” and discovered a great way of finding new friends and a great help, which is Workaway!   Through this platform we met Dave & Zena, an friendly Irish couple who is traveling around Italy to better know

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