So here we are…finally we got a site, finally we got a blog, and we can share the steps of our story with those who will be curious!

first thing we should probably tell you si why we are called ACQUAPIETRA.

“Acqua” means water and it is probably the most important element for life. Well our house has been built at the end of 1800 on a natural water source, by the farmers who knew how important such a plus was for a house.

They also projected a water storage area, which is made up of  4 basins, under the house with antique stone vaults that keep water clean and protected, except for some subtle coat of thin dust.


We hope one day we will find time and energies to clean it and paint it white, to use it as a refreshing grotto for our guests…

The second part of the name instead is  “pietra”, meaning stone, as there are hundreds, thousands,  millions of stones here.

With their hardness and weight they might look hostile and difficult to cohexist with, but look what beautiful message of life they carry in the their hearts: a vegetal fossil…life!


Moreover stones are steady, they stay, they resist, they last, and we like that!

Water goes, Stones they stay…perfect rhythm for life.

Last but not least, Water and Stones they create the perfect growing environment for the most sweet and precious plants of our beloved Tuscany, olive trees and vineyards, producing our world famous Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and excellent wines like Chianti and many more.

We feel as lucky as olive trees and grapes and hope water and stones will make us as fourish like them!


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