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Homemade Orange & Hazelnut Cake for your breakfast!

🍰...and the Baking season is officially on!🔛  Every day a homemade cake, baked with love💞 with fresh and local ingredients to brighten your day and boast your curiosity for a new sightseeing adventure🕶 🍊Oranges & Hazelnuts🌰 Yummy 😛 #bakingfun #travelblog #baked #breakfastclub#homemadecakes #travelgram #escape  #igtravel#tuscanyuntouched #oranges #destination#youchianti #travelawesome #traveladdict#guesthouse  #instatravel #sheisnotlost #hospitality#tuscany #getaway #welcome #imagesoftuscany#beautiful  #homemadecooking #explore #nature#instagood #bakingforyou #acquapietraRead More

Acquapietra Breakfast cakes…

  CAKE I know now That we must protect what we love I know now That we can’t let opinions in Because if you love cake And someone else doesn’t You wouldn’t stop eating the cake Because they didn’t like it Would you?   This is how we wish our guests an exciting and happy

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…the stars & the moon shine equally on each on of us!

Yesterday Acquapietra hosted a good representative of our beautiful world, we had 2 Koreans, 2 French, 2 Dutch, 2 Spanish and 2 Germans. All of them have been cooking their dinner in our Communal Kitchen, merrily sharing spaces and tools, Later they were eating all together on the terrace, each couple on their cosy table with

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the physical sensation of Summer

After a whole year of urban landscapes, grey skies, noisy roads, dirty window-panes, traffic jam, bills, frozen food & cheap wine, dusty air and angry folks,   trust us, and just drive slowly down to the end of this wild bumpy road, enjoy the pebbles, enjoy the stones, let your eyes explore the yellowish skyline,

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Tuscan “OLIO NOVO” on the way to you!

Between the red leaves of October and the first chills of November you can tell Winter is about to arrive, but you can find some comfort with the upcoming “OLIO NOVO”! It is now olive harvest time in Tuscany and in few weeks olive oil lovers (which includes most everyone in Italy) will be able to get

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Spring at Acquapietra

PRIMAVERA di Gianni Rodari (autore per grandi e piccini) Conosco una città dove la primavera arriva e se ne va senza trovare un albero da rinverdire, un ramo da far fiorire di rosa o di lillà: Per quelle strade murate come prigioni la poveretta s’aggira con le migliori intenzioni: appende un po’ di verde ai

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